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Integrated platform (SAC) that automatically acquire data of Zenner Gas devices and any other devices that use CTR131 or DLMS/COSEM protocols. Increase your productivity and efficiency by automating your processes


We offer a variety of different products in the categories of residential, commercial and industrial gas meters as well as tank levels. Take a look at our product portfolio.

After-sales Service

The Service Centre is a new way to manage contacts and relationships with customers, according to a wider strategic and project view aimed at establishing a customer-oriented culture. 

Prepaid Gas

Prepaid GAS has found application in the area of consumption optimisation, and expenses rationalisation related to the energy requirements. The operation is extremely easy and similar to that of prepaid mobile phone contracts.

Integrated Platform

Our platform automatically transfers the data (for example, the readings of meters), sent by telemetry devices to any CRM and/or corporate management system, without the need of typing.


Solutions to allow the customer to use their devices without having to stipulate telephone contracts and manage SIM cards.


Zenner Gas: Ensuring LPG Fuel Is Always Available

Liquid propane gas (LPG) burns clean and has a long shelf life, making it ideal for various business and residential applications (e.g., backup generators and home heating). Like any other fuel, LPG isn’t much good when the tank is empty. That’s a significant problem for enterprises relying on LPG to ensure business continuity at remote […]

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ZENNER is taking over the Energy business sector from Alfa Centauri S.p.A

ZENNER is expanding its smart product portfolio and to this end it is taking over the Energy business sector from the Italian specialist for smart gas meters Alfa Centauri S.p.A

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