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Commercial Gas Meters



These Smart 155-compliant meters use Point-to-Point GSM/SMS/GPRS technologies. They can be installed anywhere without distance constraints or network ‘tuning’ problems because they use the GSM/SMS/GPRS universal standard and the CTR standard transmission protocol as their communication ‘INFRASTRUCTURE’.

  • Comply with European standards EN1359 and OIML R137
  • Comply with Italian standard UNI-TS 11291
  • Pressure and Temperature sensors that can be replaced in situ by authorised personnel
  • Remote Firmware update
  • Metrology battery:>8 years (opt. > 16)
  • Communication battery:>4 years (opt. > 8)
  • Can be installed in ATEX area, Zone 1
  • Optical interface for configuration
  • Integrated GPRS/GSM/SMS communicator 
  • Type: Diaphragm
Smart Meter
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Kit to protect the BLOCKER meter.

It consists of a PVC protection to be applied onto a Blocker device or any other meter (Pat. Pending). 

It protects against water infiltrations and can be used together with the protective case which is compulsory by law.

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