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Industrial Gas Meters




Turbine Gas Meter

Tax Turbine Gas Meter TRZ2


Quantometer QA / QAe

Turbine Flow Meter for non-fiscal applications with mechanical (QA) or electronical meter index (QAe).


Rotary Gas Meter

Honeywell Elster RABO


Volume Converter EK220

Volume Conversion Device with flexible data logging function and configurable serial interface.

Tax Turbine Gas Meter

The gas flowing through the meter sets the turbine wheel in motion. The number of revolutions of the wheel is proportional to the volume passing through the meter. To optimize measurement performance a patented flow straightener eliminates flow disturbances such as swirl or asymmetric flow that are e.g. created by bends or T-pieces upstream of the meter. After the flow conditioner the cross section of the meter is reduced to increase flow velocity and consequently increase the driving impulse of the medium on the turbine wheel.

The combination of flow conditioning and optimized measurement unit incl. the turbine wheel make it possible to measure the fl ow rate accurately even at low flows and pressures. The shaft on which the turbine wheel is fixed is held in place by robust ball bearings that help to maintain high performance for a long time with minimized maintenance needs. Via gears and a magnetic coupling the revolutions of the turbine wheel are transmitted to the 8-digit mechanical counter located in the pressure-less index head. The outlet of the meter has been optimized to decrease pressure loss and create optimal flow conditions after the meter.

The measurement cartridge is supported by an O-ring, it is free of voltages because it is separated from the case and is not affected by environmental conditions such as temperature fluctuations

Quantometer QA / QAe

The gas flowing through the meter sets a turbine wheel in motion. The number of revolutions of the wheel is proportional to the volume that has passed through the meter. The volume is registered by either a mechanical (QA) or an electronic (QAe) totalizer in the meter index. Self-lubricating bearings ensure that the meter operates without the need for any regular maintenance. The metering principle is proven over decades also in fiscal applications. Design, materials and assembly process meet the highest standards.

The measurement principle combined with the high quality of the materials used, ensure the answer to the highest industrial requirements. In production and heating processes, the quantometers guarantee precise control and optimization of energy. QA quantometers are equipped with a mechanical 7-position numerator that records the amount of Vb gas in m3 . QAe quantometers are equipped with an electronic numerator. In addition to the recording of the total volume (Vb / m3 ) the QAe recorded the display of the instantaneous flow rate (Qb / m3 / h) and of the volume at a set date.

The user can therefore easily calculate the production costs.

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RABO® Rotary Gas Meter

Honeywell Elster RABO is suitable for measuring of natural gas and various filtered, non-corrosive gases. Rotary gas meters are characterized by high measuring ranges and compact dimensions. They ensure high accuracy, even if the gas flow is low or irregular. RABO combines tried-and-tested product features of previous rotary gas meters from Elster-Instromet and is a convincing product because it offers a large range of future-oriented features

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Volume converters EK 220

The EK220 is a battery-operated volume converter. The device records the low frequency operating volume pulses of a gas meter, measures the operating pressure and temperature of the gas and calculates the compressibility K as well as the conversion factor C. The standard volumes, standard flow rates and operating flow rates can be calculated using this initial data.

The volume converter consists of a central unit with either an integrated or external pressure sensor and a temperature sensor. The sensors are permanently connected to the unit. The compressibility K can be programmed as a constant for all gases or calculated according to various methods of calculation. The device is also available without a pressure sensor and can be used as a temperature conversion device. In this case the gas pressure for the volume conversion will be considered with a fixed value, which has to be configured during the commission of the device.

The EK220 can be used in many applications in the field of natural gas measurement and station monitoring thanks to four digital outputs, a flexible data logging function in conjunction with a freely configurable serial interface and different communication protocols. Additional components for explosion-proof isolation of the interfaces and the intrinsically safe external voltage supply, and for data communication, extend the range of use of the volume converter.

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