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Zenner Gas business activities are not only limited to manufacture and market hardware products for the energy market.


In addition to its products, ZENNER Gas offers a range of services focused on freeing the customer from all problems related to technical management, so that you can concentrate your resources on your own business area.

ZENNER Gas can oversee data validation, organisation and transmission, so that these are managed by the customer via app.

Our Services

Tekgas: the SAC

The ZENNER Gas WEB platform manages “Smart Metering” devices and supports the services offered by the gas distributor.

Prepaid Gas

In a digital world, gas is used in a smart way: The meter is recharged like a mobile phone!

After-Sales Service

The Service Centre is a new way to manage contacts and relationships with customers, according to a wider strategic and project view aimed at establishing a customer-oriented culture.  


Our Point-to-Point offer operates in over 90% of the Italian territory; it is a telephone multi-operator service, and costs less than our competitors.

Integrated Platform

It automatically transfers the data (for example, the readings of meters), sent by telemetry devices to any CRM and/or corporate management system, without the need of typing

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